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What Affects Your High?

Before you consume cannabis, set yourself up for a good experience with a little preparation (and some premium Elevate cannabis).

the Four Factors that Impact Your Experience

The marijuana plant offers endless opportunities for experimentation, but it doesn’t have to be complicated. Generally, there are 4 factors that affect your high:


Your Body and Preferences

The high of your friend’s life might fall flat for you. Is this because your friend has bad taste?

Maybe. More likely, it’s because your physiology is perfectly unique, so what feels amazing for your friend might just be okay for you. You might also want different things from your cannabis experience.

It’s all about finding what works with your body to help you achieve the feeling you want. This might take some experimentation and guidance from your Elevate Budtender. Don’t stress, enjoy the ride, and know that we’re here for you.

Two hands holding small clear glasses with marijuana buds within.

The Cannabis Strain You Select

Each Elevate strain is brimming with terpenes that deliver specific aromas, flavors, and distinct feelings.

Pair that with precisely measured levels of cannabinoids, and you have products that serve consistent results, so you can rely on achieving the feeling/vibe/relief you’re looking for, over and over.

Looking for the best marijuana strains for first-time smokers? Consider options that balance THC and CBD. These strains offer a mild “high” that won’t overwhelm with psychoactive effects.

Chart showing the middle point between THC and CBD.

THC for higher psychoactive effects
CBD for therapeutic effects without the “high”

How Do You Know How Much THC vs CBD a Strain Has?

Good question. The product packaging will list specific Cannabinoids, including THC, CBD and THCA (Tetrahydrocannabinolic Acid).

The amount of THCA listed is very important because this cannabinoid becomes THC when heated. So, if the THCA level is high, expect greater psychoactive effects, even if the THC level shown is low.

Example label on a marijuana product showing the dosage totals of thc and cbd.

Where to find the amount of THC and THCA


How Much You Consume

Anytime you’re trying a new cannabis product, start low and go slow. Generally, it’s a good idea to begin by microdosing 1-2.5mg of THC, then waiting to see how you feel before taking more. Remember, you can always take more (but you can’t take less). Taking too much can put you at risk for uncomfortable feelings, like anxiety or drowsiness. 

While it might take some time to find your optimal dose, start by talking to your healthcare provider or Budtender. They can help recommend a dose based on the result you’re looking for.

Three marijuana buds on a table next to a bag of Elevate dispensary premium flower bag.

Your Intake Method

The way you take cannabis impacts when effects will show and how long they will last. Times shown are general, and depend on many things like your body’s tolerance, metabolism, and more. Use this as a guide and know that it might be different for you.

nug of cannabis flower on white background

Tips for the First Time you try Weed

Set yourself up for an enjoyable experience by surrounding yourself with good people (and good snacks) in a comfortable environment.

Small cannabis nug on transparent background

Wondering How to Vape?

Or roll a joint, pack a bowl, or a bong? We’ve got you covered. Discover your options for inhaling cannabis along with helpful instructions.

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