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Bags Come
in a Range of Sizes

Dispensaries usually sell cannabis in specific amounts. Here’s a helpful overview of common measurements and what they’re called, so you know how much to ask for.

What’s it called?  How much in ounces? How much in grams? 
Ounce, zip, or “O”  1 28
Half ounce, half, or “half O”  .5 14
Quarter  .25 7
Eighth, or slice  .125  3.5 
Gram, or "cone" --- 1
Half gram, or "pinner" --- .5
Milligram   --- .001

How Much Cannabis Do You Need?

To help you get an idea of how much marijuana you’ll want to buy, here are some examples of what is needed for a few intake methods. 

1 Blunt  1 Bowl 1 Joint
1-2g .3 - .5g .5 - 1g

What Strain Should You Try?

That all depends on you. Your goals, your body’s physiology, and your preferences. A great first step? Follow your nose. If you like the way your cannabis smells, chances are good that it will feel good, too. Get more tips on getting to know what’s right for you.

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