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Step-by-step Instructions

How to Inhale Cannabis

You don’t need to smoke weed to consume cannabis. There are other options, from edibles to topicals and more. If you choose inhalation, you’ll need a tool (or two) to help with the process.

Get Helpful How-to Instructions

Ask your Budtender for a recommendation based on the feeling you want to achieve, listen to your body, and find your favorites. Elevate Cannabis strains are known to provide specific and consistent effects—so you always know what you’re going to get.

They’re classic for a reason. Joints are simple and versatile. This popular method of consuming cannabis consists of ground cannabis rolled in a thin paper and offers control for precise dosing. Minimal prep, portable, and perfect for a personal smoke or to share with friends.

How to roll a joint with a filter or crutch

A smoking technique that involves rolling ground cannabis into a wrap. Blunts are larger than regular joints, allowing for a larger amount of marijuana to be rolled. This can result in a more potent smoking experience, delivering stronger effects. The larger size also makes them ideal for sharing.

When it comes to blunts, you have options when it comes to the wrap you select—and not all blunts are created equally. We encourage you to skip tobacco products that can potentially harm your health, and choose wraps made from hemp and herbal alternatives instead.

Blunts are known for their slow and even burn. Blunts tend to burn slower than traditional rolling papers, providing a longer-lasting smoking session.

How to roll a blunt

stop motion gif of joint rolling materials

Practice makes perfect when it comes to rolling blunts. With time and patience, you’ll become more skilled at rolling tight and well-formed blunts. Want to get right to smoking? You can also find pre-rolled blunt options.

A vaporizer, commonly known as a vape pen or vape device, is an electronic device used to heat cannabis or cannabis concentrates to a temperature that releases the active compounds as vapor. Unlike smoking, which involves combustion and produces smoke, vaporizers create inhalable vapor, for a healthier, cleaner and more discreet method of cannabis consumption.

How to use a vaporizer

Using a vaporizer may vary depending on the specific device, so it’s crucial to follow the manufacturer’s instructions.

Stop motion cuts of Elevate packaging, buds, a grinder, and a lighter.

A hand pipe, also known as a spoon pipe or a bowl, is a simple, discreet, and portable device that fits comfortably in one hand. It usually has a bowl for the cannabis, a carburetor (or carb) to control airflow, and a mouthpiece for inhalation.

Hand pipes are designed to hold a small amount of cannabis, which allows for controlled and precise dosing. Nice for everyone—great for people who are newer to marijuana.

How to use a hand pipe

Elevate cannabis flower being ground and packed into a bowl

Remember to clean your hand pipe regularly to remove potentially harmful resin and to maintain optimal performance and flavor. Pipe cleaners are great for removing residue and ash.

A water pipe consists of a chamber filled with water that cools and filters the smoke before inhalation, providing a smooth smoking experience. While filtering out unwanted elements, a water pipe preserves the natural flavors of the cannabis, allowing you to experience the full spectrum of tastes and aromas.

It’s important to note that water pipes often have larger chambers, allowing for bigger hits. This can be beneficial for experienced users or those seeking a more substantial and potent smoking experience.

How to use a water pipe

Using a water pipe may seem complicated at first, but it becomes muscle memory very quickly.

Bong cannabis flower and lighter

Before we get into the delights of dabbing, we want to take a moment to let you know: this method is known to deliver a very potent experience with fast-acting effects. So, if you’re new to cannabis, make sure you know dabbing may not be a gentle intro.

Dabbing is for consuming cannabis concentrates (wax, shatter, or oil). It involves heating your concentrate and inhaling the resulting vapor. Cannabis connoisseurs love dabbing because the rich terpene content in cannabis concentrates contributes to a more nuanced flavor profile, so you can appreciate what each unique strain has to offer.

How to do dabs

There are a few ways to dab. Some require a few steps and specific tools, and others are less complicated. Just remember, when it comes to concentrates, a little goes a loooong way, regardless of the tool you use. Talk with your Budtender about how each works and what to expect.

Short for electronic nail, an e-nail is an attachment you can get for your traditional dab rig. An e-nail replaces the standard nail and torch on the dab rig, and lets you control the exact temperature.

Short for electronic rig, an e-rig is a battery powered full rig that lets you easily and precisely heat dabs.

Dab pens
If you’re looking for a discreet, portable tool for dabbing, this is the way to go. Also sometimes called a wax pen, dab pens are similar to a vape pens. They let you easily inhale concentrates without the need for additional tools like a torch, or pipe.

dab rig with torch and concentrate puck

Before You Buy

Wondering how much flower to buy? Take a look at common amounts sold in dispensaries and what they’re called.

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