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Check Out Elevate’s Award Winning Gary Poppins Strain

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Gary Poppins is one of our favorite strains, and we were so happy that the judges in the Missouri Grower’s Cup agreed — awarding it first place in the flower category.


What is the Missouri Grower’s Cup?

Missouri Grower’s Cup is the premier cannabis cultivation competition in Missouri, giving local growers and companies a platform to showcase their craftsmanship and innovative products. The judging is done by carefully chosen industry peers and the scoring process focuses on Taste, Look, Smell and High.


What Kind of Weed Strain is Gary Poppins?

All marijuana strains fall into three categories: Indica, Sativa, and Hybrid. Each offers a unique effect and experience. Indica strains have a more relaxed, body-centric experience, while Sativa strains offer a creative boost with enhanced focus. Gary Poppins is a Hybrid strain, which means it’s a blend of Indica and Sativa genetics — with effects that have been described as uplifted, focused and energetic.



Gary Poppins presents sweet, spicy, herbal flavors accompanied by a unique diesel residue that leaves a delightful tingling sensation.


Gary Payton x Red Runtz


Myrcene: earthy, spicy scent with anti-anxiety properties

Caryophyllene: eucalyptus and clove with anti-inflammatory properties

Limonene: fresh and sweet and great for stress relief


Jar and Nugs of Weed on Table

What Does Gary Poppins Feel Like?

Gary Poppins offers a powerful yet manageable experience, prioritizing a tranquil and enjoyable journey. Imagine a crown head high and a feeling of lightness in your extremities as you settle into the moment. Calm, content and ready to enjoy whatever comes your way.


Gary Poppins Reviews

“This strain puts me in the best mood! Great for social situations as anxiety and ADHD become completely calm.”
review on Leafly

“Makes me feel incredibly uplifted, enthusiastic, happy, and calm all at the same time.”
review on Leafly

“This is the first time I’ve tried Elevate and I liked this strain. It had a pungent earthy/piney smell but the taste had some sweetness to it. The lineage was Red Runtz x Gary Payton. Def calmed down my anxiety and I usually don’t love piney strains but the sweetness made it grow on me.”

“You deffo get the runtz feeling from the red runtz in the lineage. Very stoney.”
Elevate Inventory Assistant


Try Elevate’s Award Winning Strains Today!

Try this award-winning weed strain for yourself! Shop at Elevate today or come in and ask your kindly budtender to introduce you to the magical Gary Poppins.

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