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What is an Infused Pre-roll, and How Does it Differ from a Regular Pre-roll?

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At a fine restaurant, infusing adds extra flavor and depth to whatever you’re eating. In a cocktail, infused spirits liven up classic recipes. In the same way, infusing a joint amplifies the flavor, aroma and intensity for a more elevated experience.  


What Does “Infused Joint” Mean?

Let’s face itsometimes you want a ready-made joint. While a regular pre-roll is made by packing flower into rolling paper, an infused pre-roll goes next level with the addition of cannabis concentrates like hash, bubble hash, rosin, diamonds, distillate, kief, and terp sauce. If you want to blow your mind with a minimum of fuss — turn to an infused pre-roll. 

How are Infused Pre-rolls Made?

The infusion in a pre-roll is an extra blast of concentrate added inside the joint and/or fused to the outside paper. A basic infusion involves spraying cannabis oil onto the flower, while a high-end option may be hand-rolled with diamonds mixed in with the flower. Infused pre-rolls are not only more potent, but also offer complex flavor and scent profiles.  

When you buy from Elevate, you’ll find that our infused pre-rolls are uniform with a consistent hit (you may not get the same consistency if you roll and infuse your own).  

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Types of Infused Pre-rolls

As with other cannabis products, you can stick with strains you know you love or try something totally different in an infused pre-roll. You have tons of options when it comes to flavors, strains, terpenes and more, but here’s a quick guide to the various types of infused pre-rolls:  

Distillate-Infused Pre-rolls

One of the most common infused pre-rolls is made with a THC distillate. Distillation is a way to ensure the THC is as pure as it can be. Distillate-infused pre-rolls are great if you’re on a budget — you get pure and potent THC that packs a punch. On the downside, these infused pre-rolls may not be as flavorful or aromatic as others. If you do care about flavor, look for pre-rolls that have an infusion of cannabis-derived terpenes.  

Live Rosin-Infused Pre-rolls

First, let’s talk about the difference between live rosin and live resin. Both are potent extracts that preserve the cannabis plant’s natural resin by using cold temperatures in the extraction process to avoid losing temperature-sensitive terpenes.   

They’re both fantastic with different aroma and flavor profiles — it’s simply the way they’re produced that’s different: live resin is extracted using solvents like butane and propane. Live rosin, on the other hand, uses a solventless process where a combination of heat and pressure are used to extract the resin. The result is a high-quality infusion with intense flavor and aroma. 

THCa (or THC) Diamond-Infused Pre-roll 

In the world of top-shelf concentrates, THC Diamonds take premium status to a new level. THC Diamonds are sought after for their incredible potency, superb flavors, and powerful effects. And it doesn’t hurt that these coveted beauties look a lot like real diamonds. When added to a pre-roll and lit, these little gems turn into precious and pure delta-9 THC for a truly splurge-worthy experience.  

NOTE: THCa Diamonds are the same as THC Diamonds. THCa simply refers to the cannabinoid that turns into THC when heated.  

Kief-Infused Pre-roll

The buds of mature cannabis plants develop resinous glands called trichomes, which contain THC, CBD and terpenes. These are the compounds you can thank for the psychoactive and healing effects we love cannabis for. Once these trichomes dry and fall off the plant, they become kief.  

Pure kief has high THC content, but may feel harsher than flower. That’s why it’s perfect rolled in a joint. Kief is a go-to for pain relief, and an infused pre-roll gets you relief fast. 

Shop Infused Pre-rolls Near You Today

When you’re craving convenience but also deserve an extra special treat, indulge with an infused pre-rolled joint from Elevate. From small batch, hand-rolled blunts to fruit-blend, diamond-infused joints — Elevate offers a great selection at all our locations. Let one of our Budtenders help you find the right one for you.  

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