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Side Effects of Cannabis

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Maybe you’re impatient that your edible hasn’t kicked in yet, so you go ahead and have another. Or it’s your first time smoking a THC diamond and it hits you harder than you expected.  

Different strains of cannabis produce different effects, and even cannabis connoisseurs can experience unwanted side effects. 

And when that happens, you just want to come down off your high ASAP. 

Read on for ways to kill a bad buzz. 


What are the Side Effects of Cannabis?

The typical effects of cannabis intoxication are generally pleasant and desirable. Most people enjoy the feelings of euphoria, happiness, relaxation and calmness.  

Consuming too much cannabis, trying out new strains or consuming cannabis that’s stronger than you’re used to can cause distressing side effects, like:  

  • Anxiety, panic, and paranoia 
  • Impaired judgment and coordination 
  • Dry mouth 
  • Sleepiness/drowsiness 
  • Inability to concentrate 
  • Elevated heart rate 


What to Do If You’re Feeling “Too High”

There’s not one proven way to sober up quickly that will work for everyone, so you may want to try one or more of these to see what helps you: 

  • Relax and take deep breaths. Find a calm, quiet space without a lot of stimuli where you can focus on your breath. Remind yourself that you will only feel this way for a short amount of time.
  • Drink water but avoid caffeine and alcohol because they may increase the absorption of the main psychoactive ingredient in cannabis.
  • Use CBD to counter the effects of too much THC. For many people, consuming strains rich in CBD can reduce anxiety and take the edge off a high. If you’re trying to combat edible cannabis side effects, a CBD, or Cannabidiol gummy could help. Be sure to check the THC to CBD ratios in your cannabis, though, because you don’t want to accidentally consume more THC.  
  • Try black pepper. It may sound odd but chewing on a couple of whole peppercorns or sniffing (not inhaling) black pepper can help reduce anxiety and paranoia. How? Caryophyllene, a compound in peppercorn, increases the sedating effects of THC, which could calm you down.
  • Squeeze a lemon. Like peppercorn, lemons also contain compounds, such as limonene, that have a calming effect. Try adding lemon juice or lemon zest to a glass of water. If that doesn’t work, sucking on a lemon will surely perk you up. 
  • Eat pine nuts. Pinene, a terpene in pine nuts, may help you feel more relaxed and clear-headed. Avoid pine nuts if you have a nut allergy.
  • Take a shower or bath to help relax your body and mind. If you can handle it, a cold shower may make you feel more alert and grounded.


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Be Purposeful When Shopping for Cannabis

Achieving your ideal cannabis experience is very personal. Why? Your body, mind and goals are unlike anyone else’s. It can take some time and experimentation to discover your own preferences. A great bit of advice when choosing cannabis is to follow your nose. If you like the way it smells, there’s a good chance you’ll like how it feels, too.  

Keep track of the strains you try, noting your likes and dislikes, so you have a record of your experiences. These notes will help you and your Budtender discover strains you’ll love for the elevated experience you deserve.

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